VICINITY Smart School Workshop at Martim Longo, Portugal

Thursday, March 28, 2019 (All day)
Martim Longo, Portugal

The scope of this event was to explain to the older students of Martim Longo School the IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality) and Energy monitoring and analytics solution installed in the school building and create awareness about the information available from the solution, the VINICITY platform, the sensor devices and the underlying technologies.

ENERCOUTIM made a guided tour with the students on the school building showing where the sensors were installed and identifying the measured parameters and later at SolarLab the Weather Station and the UV radiometer was demonstrated and explained.

After the guide tour, ENERCOUTIM Smart School and the VICINITY platform were demonstrated at SolarLab as a technology solution to retrieve and analyse the parameters measured by the sensors and explained how that information could be used to: monitor and analyse IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality) conditions and adopt precautions regarding the UV levels during the summer.

ENERCOUTIM also discussed with the students and teachers involved, the technologies associated with the solution as the Internet and the IoT devices.