VICINITY project project in “IoT Meetup”organised by Symbiote Project and VICINITY

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (All day)
Madrid, Spain

Iot Meetup Madrid was an open event where different stakeholders, from different backgrounds met to talk about IoT. Participants in two Horizon 2020  projects (symbiIoTe and VICINITY 2020 ) explained their experiences to the public. 

IoT has been a booming market in the last years, where many technologies and providers have arisen. However, it has ended in a lack of interoperability between the different solutions what blocks small business to access to different market, resources and data. symbIoTe and VICINITY aim to bridge the interoperability gap offering solutions for different stakeholders.



Participants were very interested in the VICINITY Second Open Call. Also, some industrial organizations showed their interest in the VICINITY platform. 


VICINITY Github was presented and developers were encouraged to use it. 

The Second Open call was introduced.

The interconnection of the SymbIoTe and VICINITY platforms would be valuable