VICINITY project at “SC27 Working Group meeting” organised by ISO/IEC

Monday, April 16, 2018 (All day) to Wednesday, June 20, 2018 (All day)
Wuhan, China

SC27 has the responsibility for development of standards for the protection of information and ICT. This includes generic methods, techniques and guidelines to address both security and privacy aspects, such as: 

  • Security requirements capture methodology; 
  • Management of information and ICT security; in particular information security management systems, security processes, and security controls and services; 
  • Cryptographic and other security mechanisms, including but not limited to mechanisms for protecting the accountability, availability, integrity and confidentiality of information; 
  • Security management support documentation including terminology, guidelines as well as procedures for the registration of security components; 
  • Security aspects of identity management, biometrics and privacy; 
  • Conformance assessment, accreditation and auditing requirements in the area of information security management systems; 
  • Security evaluation criteria and methodology.

SC 27 engages in active liaison and collaboration with appropriate bodies to ensure the proper development and application of SC 27 standards and technical reports in relevant areas.

Main organisers ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 and participants from Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Poland, United States, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, China, Italy, Luxembourg, Canada, Singapore, India, Ireland, Argentina, Finland, South Africa, Switzerland

Liaison organisations were ISF, Cloud Security Alliance, ISC2, OECD, ISACA, ITU, ISF

Conference Feedback

VICINITY was presented to core members of WG4 Security controls and Services in this mwwting in Wuhan, China. VICINITY partners will make contributions to Trustworthiness of IoT and also the New Work Item Security Reference Model for Interoperable Internet Platforms (IIP). Also, it was proposed to establish a Study Period for Smart Home Security. During the meeting, it was decided to rename the title to Security & Privacy for Domotics. Terms of Reference and proposal for a New Work Item was proposed during the meeting, initiated from China, having millions of Smart Home installations already. VICINITY should make a proposal to address the IIP based on best practices from their pilots and from the dissemination of results.