VICINITY project at “IoT Webinar to Atos BENELUX” by ATOS

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 (All day)
Belgrade, Serbia
iot week

VICINITY project was represented during the IoT Week, organised by the IoT Forum from May 31st to June the 2nd in Belgrade, Serbia. This event gathered relevant experts from the IoT domain working on Innovation activities, applying IoT to different industries and also the research community.

VICINITY has been represented in IoT EPI booth as part of the platform, there visitors could enjoy project video where main challenges and areas that are going to be addressed were presented.

ATOS as consortium partner presented the project’s vision and main objectives, concept underpinning the envisioned VICINITY Virtual Neighbourhood IoT Ecosystem, along with proposed Value-Added services to be offered as cross-domains applications to demonstrate the advancements and impact that can be brought of the VICINITY platform linking the outcomes from FP7 projects and how they are using for shaping the solutions that are going to be developed. An open discussion followed the presentation, giving the opportunity to the audience to clarify some of the aspects addressed by the project and also how the lessons learned and the technology obtained from FP7 projects are going to be exploited in H2020 call.


VICINITY project raised increased interest in a positive way for the proposed “VICINITY virtual Neighbourhood” concept for allowing IoT interoperability in cross-domains. The audience was really keen to know why the specific platforms selected were chosen, how to extend the number of standards covered and what business models we envisioned for that.

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