VICINITY project at “IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)”

Monday, June 19, 2017 (All day) to Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (All day)
Edinburgh - Scotland, UK

The 26th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), sponsored by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and held in Edinburgh, Scotland, between 19-21 June 2017. 

Industry experts, researchers and academics are expected to gather together to share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as initiatives related to industrial electronics and their applications.

ISIE 2017 offers a conference with wonderful historic surroundings, interesting menus and well equipped rooms, to complement an interesting and attractive technical programme and keynote plenary sessions on current topics in industrial electronics.

Yajuan Guan (AAU) presented a technical paper “An Enhanced Hierarchical Control Strategy for the Internet of Things-based Home Scale Microgrid” in ISIE. In order to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) with microgrid (MG), an enhanced hierarchical control strategy for IoT-based home scale MG is proposed in this paper. Physical smart devices/sensors and inverters are defined at the primary level. Electrical and environmental variables deviation restoration loops are adopted at the secondary level. Power flow management and optimization algorithms with different objectives are deployed at the tertiary level. In this sense, the IoT infrastructure can be smoothly integrated with the original MG hierarchical Control theory.

Conference Feedback

The presentation of the paper received very positive feedback and a lot of interest from the audience. The participating showed great interest on how VICINITY and IoT integrated with microgrids and smart grid. Further discussions were taken place followed the presentation, regarding in microgrid-oriented IoT architecture and value added energy services.



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