VICINITY project at “Global IoT Summit” and “IoT-EPI event”

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 (All day) to Friday, June 9, 2017 (All day)
Geneva, Switzerland

The first Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) conference has been launched this year to be collocated with the IoT Week 2017 at the International Conference Centre in Geneva. The objective of this conference it is to bring together the research and industry communities active in the IoT domain. IoT paradigm envision a highly networked future, where every object is integrated to interact with each other, allowing for communications between objects, as well as between humans and objects, which enables intelligent systems to improve our daily lives. The conference is designed to examine key critical innovations that will impact research and real-world application space of the future as well as will transform our world.  

There are several challenges in terms of turning the vision of IoT into reality. This includes architecture, communication, services, computational intelligence, storage, governance apart from core areas of sensor development and material engineering. This conference brings together researchers from diversely cross disciplinary areas to address challenges in the emerging discipline. Co-located with 2017 IoT Week organized by the IoT Forum, GIoTS-2017 discusses the breaking advances in Internet of Things and the feasibility of extending IoT, including wireless sensor network technology, to become truly ubiquitous with new cloud and edge computing technologies, big data analysis, citizen engagement, privacy and cybersecurity, and governance. 

This conference is a key place for industry leaders, academics, professionals, government officials, and students, to discuss and foster knowledge on emerging technologies, business cases and social impacts in this technological area will be analyzed and discussed with various activities: 5 keynotes; 79 technical papers, selected from 133 submissions, aggregated into technical track sessions; Workshops on hot and emerging topics;  two industry sessions;  IPv6-based IoT Innovation - Full-Day Workshop.

Yajuan Guan (Aalborg University - AAU), Natalie Samovich (Enercoutim -ENERC) and Jose Gato (ATOS) participated in Global IoT Summit. 

Natalie Samovich (ENERC) and Yajuan Guan (AAU) participated in an IoT-EPI event. 

Yajuan Guan (AAU) presented the first VICINITY joint paper “An Open Virtual Neighbourhood Network to Connect IoT Infrastructures and Smart Objects – VICINITY” in Global IoT Summit to introduce VICINITY project expected contributions and latest results about VICINITY concept requirements, barriers and opportunities, standardization analysis, interoperability as a service, VICINITY ontologies, value-added services, test labs and use cases. The presentation received a lot of interest from the audiences.

Natalie Samovich (ENERC) presented VICINITY project especially the upcoming open calls in Iot-EPI event. 

Conference Feedback

The presentation of the paper received very positive feedback and a lot of interest from the audience. The participating showed great interest on VICINITY solutions. Further discussions were taken place followed the presentation, regarding in semantic web/ontology, P2P mechanisms, architecture, value added services, etc.

The participating also showed great interest on VICINITY upcoming open calls after Natalie Samovich (ENERC)’s presentation in IoT-EPI event.



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