VICINITY project at “ETSI ISG CDP (City Digital Profile)” organised by ETSI

Monday, February 5, 2018 (All day) to Tuesday, February 6, 2018 (All day)
Greenwich, UK

This was the 2nd meeting on ETSI Industry Specification Group on City Digital Profile. ISG CDP was set up to provide tools to take smart city technologies that have been successful in one city and replicate them in other cities, taking into account differences in city size, population, culture, etc.

The first deliverable being produced by ISG CDP is a White Paper entitled “The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Municipal CEO”. This shows how to transform city solutions from vertical single purpose silos into horizontal service layers that enable interoperability between applications. Smart Energy will be one of the key focuses of this paper.

Keith Dickerson from Climate Associates with the assistance of Natalie Samovich from ENERCOUTIM presented “Smart Energy as a Core Service for Cities” based on VICINITY ideas on Smart Energy enabled by IoT. 

Conference Feedback

Key Issues from Smart Energy presentation:

  • Will Smart Grids and Smart Buildings be interoperable?
  • Are Smart Energy devices interoperable between suppliers?
  • How to deploy demand-response mechanisms effectively.
  • What standards exist and are needed?
  • How to involve consumers in Smart Energy solutions.
  • How to combine (e.g. EV charging and parking) in the value chain when there are different stakeholders?
  • Do regulatory barriers exist and how could these be addressed?
  • How to integrate more renewables into the grid?
  • How to enable small players to compete in Energy supply?


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