VICINITY project at “CERTH-ITI Open Day Workshop 2017” organised by CERTH-ITI

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 (All day)
Thessaloniki, Greece

The CERTH-ITI Open Day is an open workshop organized by the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH every year for the presentation of its achievements to the public, businesses, universities and local organizations.

The participation in the CERTH-ITI Open Day Workshop consisted on the presentation, among several projects, of the VICINITY project describing its main concepts, capabilities, and provided services, presenting also the pilot installations (occupancy sensors, medical devices) inside the Smart house and in the ITI-building.

Guests and participants had the opportunity to be informed about CERTH’s smart applications and projects and were able to get more information from the VICINITY leaflets.

Conference Feedback

Valuable feedback was gathered during the event through discussion with the participants. There was positive attitude regarding the scopes of VICINITY and about the installation of corresponding sensors to private houses for the project’s purposes. There was high interest from general public and private companies about the project and how it will make the interoperability possible through the virtual neighbourhood. Questions and concerns were discussed regarding the privacy and security of data in this neighbourhood and how VICINITY will overcome these issues.


open day

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