VICINITY project in “20th InfoCom World, New Horizons: The Techonomy of Gigabit Era!”

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 (All day)
Athens, Greece

InfoCom World 2018 is the 20th edition of a successful series of conferences aimed to highlight the developments that marked the Greek telecoms industry in the last 20 years, starting from 1998, when the 1st InfoCom World took place, under the title “New Horizons. Twenty years later, this industry is still one of the most dynamic ones, both in Greece and globally, in fact acting as a catalyst for almost every industry: manufacturing, banking, health, security, education, food service, transportation & logistics, retail, etc. At the same time, this year’s Conference hoped to be a staging area for the new age, to highlight opportunities and set the beat of the day after, with comments by executives who represented the industry’s future!

The entire business community participates in InfoCom World: Executives of Telecommunications, IT & Media, CEOs, CIOs and IT Directors, Operation Managers, Data Center & Cloud Experts, Network Engineers, IT Strategists & Solution Architects, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Technological Equipment and Consumer Electronics. Practically, the Conference is relevant to all sectors, given that ICT is involved horizontally, directly or indirectly, to all industries. 

OTE organised a dedicated parallel session for European R&D projects. Mrs Eirini Vassilaki and Ioannis Chochliouros (as organiser) participated and presented VICINITY in Session C.

Interest was shown in the VICINITY project, by several participants/speakers.