VICINITY project at “Übertragungstechnologien für elektronische Medien” (Communication technologies for electronic media) organised by ITG-FA3.3

Friday, April 28, 2017 (All day)
University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg

The ITG FA3.3 (Focus Group 3.3) is a group of specialists in the field of communication technologies. Participants are mostly working in (telecommunication) industry or academics. Their focus is on Communication media, Communication technologies, Measurement- and Controlling technologies as well as System architecture.

They meet (F2F) at least once a year for a workshop like the above to learn and discuss latest trends and developments on their fields. Often times, external speakers are invited as well. 

Christopher Heinz gave a presentation during the workshop to explain the conceptual idea behind VICINITY. A strong emphasis was given to interoperability and the protection of private data. 

Conference Feedback

The Q&A Session following the presentation was showing quite some interest in VICINITY. Questions were asked by people from academics, mostly interested in the cross-domain solution VICINITY offers and how potential use-cases could look like. Security experts showed some concern as an attacker, who is able to compromise the Virtual Neighbourhood could potentially access all attached devices.

Finally, the people representing Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland, two major internet providers in Germany, were rather interested in some technical details on VICINITYs‘ implementation.

Event Program: