VICINITY at “ifcOWL-SAREF-FIEMSER VoCamp” organised by SWIMing Project

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 (All day) to Wednesday, March 23, 2016 (All day)
Dublin, Ireland

The ifcOWL - SAREF - FIEMSER VoCamp continues the series of VoCamps covering various topics related to the use and development of vocabularies for the implementation of new services in the context of energy efficient buildings. After Adapt4EE and Ready4SmartCities, the SWIMing project has taken over the responsibility for organizing the VoCamps. The event has been organized in cooperation with a number of EU projects, the W3C Linked Building Data Community Group and the buildingSMART Linked Data working group. The focus of this VoCamp was to discuss exchange requirements for selected use cases, focusing particularly on the mapping to relevant ontologies like ifcOWL, SAREF, and FIEMSER.

Description of the participation

UPM partner made a presentation “An Open Virtual Neighbourhood Network to connect Intelligent Buildings and Smart Objects” introducing the VICINITY project, its goals and pilots. The main questions performed by the audience were oriented to the development of the ontology and the reuse of existing models.

The main feedback from the workshop is that there are a number of ontologies that might be useful for the development of the VICINITY ontology:

  • SAREF and related assets
  • INERTIA ontologies
  • From the SAREF presentation: There are so many protocols and data models already working but fragmented and we do not know how to tell among them in a higher level.
  • In the context of the OptEEmAL projects there are plans of developing a District Data Model Unified Endpoint that will serve data in RDF.
  • It is usually difficult and tedious to align models or ontologies, very rarely the mappings occur in a one-to-one way. Normally the mappings are complex and involve many different semantics.

Useful Links:

Event Program

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