Special Edition VICINITY Newsletter

16 Nov 2017

First public demonstration

We are all very excited about being able to present these news; Friday, 1st of September represented a milestone for VICINITY2020. We did for the first time publically demonstrate that we have a working version of  nteroperability as a Service. Giant leaps always starts with small steps. 

One of the key elements of VICINITY is the ability to cross boundaries between devices, allowing them to share data regardless of physical location, brand or functionality. This is exactly what happened on this grey and rainy Friday. 

We proved that devices from different sources and disciplines were able to interact via VICINITY. But there is an “one more thing”: we also demonstrated the capability of VICINITY to ensure privacy. No data has to be sent to the cloud. Users keep control of their data and its use – this will become more important in the future with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. VICINITY will continue to be improved and expanded upon, but this is well worth celebrating. We are all looking forward to the next results!

Read on to learn what others are saying about the results.

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VICINITY Newsletter Special Edition (September 2017)