Special Edition Newsletter

17 Aug 2018

As you read this newsletter we have finished the selection of projects within our 1st open call. While it may sound easy, the 1st open call was, and still is, a challenge. We handled 45 submissions, together with 8 external evaluators who delivered 90 evaluations and 45 evaluation summary reports. This was particularly ambitious as several reviewers and members of our project management team were on holiday, so finding appropriate time slots for Skype meetings was at times difficult…

Nevertheless, the results are in: we have 4 winning proposals that achieved the highest scores from the evaluators.  In this brief newsletter, we give an overview of our 1st open call and the proposals that were selected to go forward. These will bring in new infrastructures that support existing use cases and also bring in new use cases. The domains covered are traffic and waste management, indoor localization, energy management and port management. More information follows…

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VICINITY Special Edition Newsletter (August 2018)