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The vicinity webinar covers the basic knowledge required to use VICINITY technologies to either integrate new infrastructure into the cloud, or to create value added services that exploit the data of the platform. The webinar first starts with a brief introduction of the VICINITY platform, then it starts with the lectures about how to create services in VICINITY, i..e, "Connecting services to VICINITY", next the webinar covers the procedure to include a new device in VICINITY, i.e., "Connecting devices in VICINITY". After, these lessons the webinar cover the topics of semantic interoperability, which allows users to consume data from the cloud transparently by using queries that are able to discover and access data from the platform; always maintaining the privacy policies. Finally, the webinar covers the homomorphic encryption.

A Get Started Documentation is available!

1 - Introduction

1.1 VICINITY architecture

2 - Connecting services to VICINITY

2.1 Registering an organisation in the Neighbourhood Manager

2.2 Setting up Gateway API & Agent and registering Service Things Description

2.3 Enabling services and contracting devices data

2.4 Accessing data in VICINITY

3 - Connecting devices in VICINITY

3.1 Creating Things Description with contextual data and mappings

3.2 Implementing an Adapter

3.3 Registering an organisation in the Neighbourhood Manager

3.4 How to setup Gateway API and Agent

3.5 Registering Things Description in VICINITY

3.6 Enabling services and contracting devices data

3.7 Reading data from these devices

4 - Using Semantic Interoperability services

5 - Homomorphic Encryption