Participation of the VICINITY project in the “VICINITY, an IoT Platform for the Ultimate Privacy“- IoT Week Session 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019 (All day)
Aarhus, Denmark

Privacy in the IoT has becoming a growing concern. A study has even identified it, due to loss of trust of users, as a potential risk for success. This session gives an overview of the VICINITY IoT platform that is open, free, and that specifically addresses SME and users with privacy concerns. The session gives a broad overview of the VICINITY platform, starting with its general objectives and unique selling points, the P2P architecture, semantic discovery and interoperability, and an outlook on advanced and upcoming microservices that further strengthen privacy in the IoT, including abstraction services and homomorphic encryption services. The session concludes with a brief introduction into use of VICINITY and the hackathon at IoT Week.,%20an%20IoT%20Platform%20for%20the%20Ulitimate%20Privacy