4th VICINITY Newsletter

4 Jan 2018

We are proud to present the now already 4th newsletter on the VICINITY project. Why so many newsletters? Because actually, there is a lot of news. We had the successful review meeting in Brussels. We had the Demos of the VICINITY implementation in Brussels and in Athens. And: due to that we have a first running prototype. With many limitations, not really implementing every feature, but: it is there. 

We now face a number of further challenges. The testing is starting in various labs. The open calls that are intended to boost the impact of VICINITY are about to start – preparation is ongoing. Last but not least, the review of the first reporting period was successful. The results of VICINITY were considered as technically excellent. The unique approach to provide interoperability while keeping privacy to the users that combines elements from peer to peer networks with other elements from edge computing. We, in consequence really earned and also received new payments from EC that is just being transferred to the partners.

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VICINITY Fourth Newsletter (July-November 2017)