1st VICINITY Newsletter

23 Dec 2016

VICINITY newsletters will serve as a fully accessible communication tool for the dissemination of important project news and the description of future steps. The first issue includes a summary and overview of results from the VICINITY project in that direction, giving brief answers to questions such as:

  • Which is the architecture of an IoT system?
  • Which platforms are available for implementing the components of it?
  • Which standards are relevant for my project?
  • How can we achieve interoperability?

While selection of platforms and standards is a key issue, the best solution would be to rely on interoperability. This is what VICINITY offers us: Interoperability as a Service. The VICINITY project was started in January 2016, and we were busy capturing requirements from use-cases, stakeholders, sites, and to create based on this information the technical requirements and specifications that will lead us to an implementation in the coming years.

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VICINITY First Newsletter (December 2016)